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Marketing & Sales From Prospect To Account Management
Find out how versaSRS can manage opportunities and leads from an initial website enquiry to finalising a contract.
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Transforming Sales

versaSRS has the all the modules required for a sales department. Whether it is incoming enquirires from a website or manually created prospects and leads.

A multitude of categorisations can be applied including the value of the potential sale, progress of the opportunity and campaign information if required.

All communications are made within versaSRS to ensure historical data is kept intact. Templates can be used to streamline the sales process.

The built-in CRM ensures the sales department are allocated their specific organisations and contacts.

A range of funnel dashboards and sales reports are available to ensure each sales person stays on top of their leads.

The contracts module in versaSRS enables the business to go straight to a support framework, also managed within versaSRS for incoming requests or account management.

Sales Streamlined

Your unique sales process can easily be mapped to versaSRS for a specific product or service.

Create your own campaigns to ensure the right information is delivered at the right time.

Create quotes and invoices on the fly.

Always be able to view progress and communications.

  • Opportunities Captured via Website Forms
  • Create Opportunities Manually Using Templates
  • Bulk Update Opportunities Using Communication Templates
  • Team and Individual Dashboards
  • Quoting & Invoicing
  • Management Reports
  • Commission & Sales Reports
  • KPI Reports
versaSRS will enable you to be in constant communication with potential customers easily and effectively

Managing The Full Sales Cycle


The initial request for information can be started with phone call, an email, an electronic form, the built-in portal, or manually.


Email correspondence, documents, forms & templates. All managed within one solution.


Eliminate the risk of group and personal mailboxes. versaSRS converts emails into database records ensuring no communication is lost.


Ensure contracts are created within the CRM for annual or monthly quoting, invoicing and reporting.


A centralised system means reports can be run against products, services or staff for holistic business metrics.


A range of automated reminders can be configured for pre-determined dates within the lead or opportunity.

How to Contact Us

If you have any queries about versaSRS, please contact us:

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