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Three Editions of versaSRS


Perfect for simple request management & CRM.

An affordable, entry-level solution to manage requests and incidents to provide a feature rich business management system. Starter contains the core Case/Incident/Request Module, plus many other modules such as CRM, Reporting, Knowledge Base, Document Manager, Events & Templates.

1 Business Unit

5-10 Licensed Users

27 Modules


Ideal for business and asset management.

Pro delivers both Case/Incident/Request and Problem Management. Typically used across business to manage both customer service requests and internal business processes. Pro includes Incident, Problem & Asset Management as well as the Assets Scanning Module (100 nodes included).

5 Business Units

5-50 Licensed Users

38 Modules


For organisations needing managed workflows.

For companies requiring the full Enterprise suite, this edition is ideally suited to large corporations and includes Incident, Problem, Change & Asset Management. CMDB, Assets Scanning (500 nodes included) and 30 modules, including the Archiver. Unlimited Queues are included.

Unlimited Business Units

5-Unlimited Licensed Users

48 Modules

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The matrix below refers to versaSRS v7. "Unlimited" Maximum Licensed Users is displayed as a guide only. All licensing is based on a per-user model.

All modules and features are available as indicated only with a valid license key and current support agreement. Archiver is available to purchase separately if there is no support agreement.

Business Size Starter Pro Enterprise
Teams / Queues / Business Units 1 5 Unlimited
Minimum Licensed Users 5 5 5
Maximum Licensed Users 10 50 Unlimited
Customer Service Portal (SRSConnect) 1 1 5
Cases / Requests / Calls / Risks / Incidents *
Assets *
Problems *
Change Requests *
Workflow & Process Automation
Features & Modules
Hosted, Onsite or Hybrid
Browser Delivered Responsive Design
Email Integration
Service Catalogue
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Knowledge Base
Reports & Dashboards
Report Builder
Scheduled Subscription Reports
Audit History & Accountability
Template Driven Process Automation
Customisable Interface & Branding
Time & Billing
Document Library
Announcements & Reminders
Extensive Notification Capability
System Monitoring & Health Check Services
Extensive Search
Events Publishing
Hot News Board
Bulk Import Modules
Technical Support & Troubleshooting
Security Auditing (SOX compliance)
Telephony Integration (CTI)
Hardware & Software Asset Scanner (Nodes) 100 500
Scheduled Cases
Email & Tag Routing Rules
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) *
Contract Management
Forms (Classic)
versaForms (Form Builder)
Advanced XML Routed Logging via Webforms
Advanced Form Generated Business Process Automation
Radio Frequency ID (RFID)

* ITIL Framework Compliant

Available to purchase, including additional units, where not offered as part of the edition.

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