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Human Resources Case Management For The Future
"The versatility of versaSRS has shown us that it will be able to lead us into the future successfully"
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HR Transformation

20 Years Ago

versaSRS was initially deployed within a Shared Service Centre to manage employee enquiries and improve service. Improvements were made to enquiry classification, standardisation, prioritisation and workflow management that could not be managed within their ERP.

Within a few years the solution was integrated with a telephony system, processed all new internal HR work requests, as well as their associated tasks. It provided VPs with a suite of reports previously unavailable to them. Staff workloads were streamlined and templates used to improve SLAs and productivity.


versaSRS delivers a standardised workspace to HR teams around the globe. Employees now have service access 24x7, and the platform delivers clear business-defined HR processes to facilitate the administration of critical tasks for employees that fall outside core ERP capabilities.

Workflows Streamlined

Electronic forms can be integrated into the solution to improve and automate service requests and business workflows.

Here are just a few examples where HR workflows are streamlined with integrated web forms.

Service Level Improvements are ensured as Cases are pre-defined and SLAs set.

  • Enquiry Management
  • Stop Payment Request
  • Unqualified Payment
  • Periodic Reporting
  • Payroll Process & Escalation
  • Payroll Error Register
  • Off-Cycle Payment Request
Filling The ERP Gaps

"Quick Link" Employee requests are based on templates and used to create Cases when they are initiated via a walk-in or telephone call.

HR can prioritise Cases within the business for processes such as Payroll Escalation, creating a Letter of Offer or Employee On-boarding.

The business have complete visibility across all departments for extended reporting capabilities on SLAs, KPIs and resource workloads.

A Customer Says

"The software is able to adapt to a lot of different processes. You’re able to set it up either based on operations or you can also set it up based on work.

Who is doing the work, why are they doing it, when are they doing it and how fast are they doing it.

With that you can actually measure your productivity.

In order to get to the future, you would definitely need to be able to project and you would need to be able to have that back up information.

The versatility of versaSRS has shown us that it will be able to lead us into the future successfully."

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Business Case Studies

Mining South32 is a globally diversified mining and metals company producing bauxite, alumina, aluminium, energy and metallurgical coal, manganese, nickel, silver, lead and zinc. Key solutions provided are versaSRS for HR Case Management. View Case Study

Aviation In 2000, the Virgin brand entered the Australian aviation market for the first time, bringing real competition in the leisure sector of the market. Key solutions provided are versaSRS for HR Case Management. View Case Study

Public Services Serco supports governments around the world in the delivery of essential public services. In Asia Pacific, Serco employs more than 9,000 people across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China. Key solutions provided are versaSRS for HR Case Management. View Case Study
versaSRS delivers critical success factors to organisations including service request management, email communications, workflow, CRM and another 20+ modules.

Click on the links below to view key features:
Core Modules

Case Management

The core module to manage and categorise emails, requests, incidents, enquiries, risks or even sales opportunities.


Easily create Tasks within Cases and assign to groups or individuals, providing Due Date.

Approvals Engine

Turn Tasks into actionable approvals with assigned Due Date and Escalations.


Turn Tasks into actionable sequential Workflows with governed Due Dates.

Form Builder

Create electronic forms such as surveys, application forms, new starter forms and create Cases and Workflows automatically.

Document Management System

Use versaSRS as your centralised Document Library for business critical information.


Optionally use the Time & Billing tab within Cases and Tasks for reporting or timesheets.

Event Management

Log and Broadcast Events to versaSRS users, staff and customers via the Customer Portal.


versaSRS includes a Customer Relationship Management module with extended integration with any Global Address List.

Knowledge Base

KB Articles can be easily accessed by employees and customers quickly to find answers to common problems.

Scheduled Cases

Scheduled automated case creation using templates with due dates, tasks, workflows and escalations.

Calendar View

View all assigned work in a classic Calendar View with details and info a mouse hover away.

* Modules are dependent on which Edition of versaSRS is installed. To compare Editions please click here.

Business Benefits

Dashboard Views

Use Business-Specific Management, Team or User Dashboards to streamline daily activities, reports and priorities.


Flexible architecture allows for greater customization and business specific rules and data fields.

Email Communications

Eliminate the risk of group and personal mailboxes for business processes. versaSRS converts emails into database records and outgoing communications are logged ensuring nothing is lost again.

Customer Self-Service Portal

Give your staff and/or customers the ability to view the status of their requests 24x7, raise a new request and search the Knowledge Base to find answers to issues, reducing the number of incoming requests.

Template Responses

Utilise a business-tailored template library of responses to enable quick handling and turnaround time.

Contracts Management

Create, track and monitor contracts & agreements linked to the built-in CRM.

Mobile Workforce

Use versaSRSLite for staff and customer access to requests on tablets and smartphones.

SLA Routing Rules

Create business rules to route inbound emails to a specific team and set properties such as Due Date.

Multi Tenancy *

Create as many Teams as you need to support other Business Units, Business Processes or Customers.

Reports, Metrics and KPIs

With a wealth of data at your fingertips, measuring performance has never been easier.

Extended Auditing *

Log all user activity against a Case comprehensively in chronological order. Compliance with SAP and SOX.

Immediate ROI & Cost Savings

Reduce operating costs and realise savings immediately.

* Modules are dependent on which Edition of versaSRS is installed. To compare Editions please click here.

+ More

Extended Security Model

Provide read-only access to certain users, for example supervisors or managers.

versaSRS Boost *

Optimise versaSRS performance with a customised fine-tuning package.

Worksheet Module

Attach Excel spreadsheets to Cases and insert Case data into a spreadsheet.

Prioritisation, Escalations & Notifications

Ensure deadlines are always met via Due Date and SLA breach email notifications.

One-Click Case Creation

Create Cases with one click to apply templates with workflows, assets, forms and tasks.

Extra Capability

Build your own business-specific Apps using the versaSRS API.

* Modules are dependent on which Edition of versaSRS is installed. To compare Editions please click here.

An Enterprise Level Solution

With over 6000 registered implementations worldwide, versaSRS has a diverse user base covering small to enterprise organisations in both the public and private sectors.

We are continually developing new enhancements to enrich the solution, born out of close customer relationships and feedback.

Whether you have 3 customers or 3 million, versaSRS will support you. Our extensive experience with globally distributed networks for enterprise customers, which brings you robust performance.

  • Processing 65,000 cases on average per month
  • Servicing over 100,000 employees and customers globally
  • Transactions in excess of 1,000,000 per month
  • Reducing average case resolution to 2 Days
  • Saving valuable Time and Money
  • ... and achieving this for ONE versaSRS customer 24/7 for the last 10 years.
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