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Manage incoming requests for courses, attendance and accreditation.
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Wherever email is used there is always lack of visibility and risk around poor management of information.

Providing a centralised solution for incoming and outgoing communications ensures an organisation will be better resourced.

Consequently, requests are managed more easily. As staff can see who’s doing what, job satisfaction and efficiency increases and students are better provided for.

Management reports can be run for trending analysis and forecast the impact of any new courses or services managed by the team.

Streamline Processes

Eliminate the risk of lost, deleted or un-read emails in your Group or Personal Mailbox.

Ensure each request is categorised, prioritised and visible to the organisation.

Utilise the internal events module to relay information to employees or students.

  • Ensure Service Levels Are Attained
  • Centralise Communications
  • Store Evidence of Accreditation
  • Automate Email Responses
  • Enable Template Responses to Streamline Communication
Business Case Study

National energy leader Origin Energy selected versaSRS to ensure that the Origin Learning Centre team could provide staff with seamless communication and an optimal learning experience.

The unforeseen benefit was an increase in staff morale and job satisfaction due to improved allocation of resources.

An improved learning experience.

At the heart of this training is the Origin Learning Centre Team, which manages incoming training requests.

Download Case Study
versaSRS can be deployed for management of course requests, attendance, accreditation and much more across a wide range of business units

Features & Modules

Email Communications

Eliminate the risk of group and personal mailboxes. versaSRS converts emails into database records ensuring no communication is lost.


Every request is logged against a student or employee for full audit trail reporting.


Run reports against employees to ascertain accreditation and courses attended.


Integrate versaSRS data with your company ERP or CRM to create one source of truth.


Use workflows if approvals or sign-offs are required for course attendance.


Gain complete visbility across the organisation to better manage resources.

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