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Invoice Processing From Purchase Order to Payment
Find out how versaSRS will streamline and automate the AP Process
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Transforming Accounts Payable

Highly configurable and scalable, the solution can process in excess of 25k invoices per month.

The solution seamlessly logs into any mail server mailbox and processes the information contained within the email, converts any attachments to PDFs, then combines all the PDFs into one. The outputted invoices can then be processed by the accounts payable team, sent via email to another system, or automatically processed via ERP connectivity.

The solution also caters for custom tags within subject fields of emails. By including a designated word in the Subject of an email, the invoice can be sent to a specific team for processing, therefore reducing the need to redirect and double handle the invoice.

The software can also be configured in a myriad of ways to suit your own business requirements.

Invoicing Streamlined

With versaSRS improving invoice processing efficiencies has never been as powerful. Your business will benefit from increased productivity and improved workflow.

The solution contains all the functionality you would expect of an Enterprise Level Solution, without the huge price tag.

Standardise and automate the processing of all your incoming invoices received via email and output these into a single PDF.

  • Centralise the process for incoming invoices via email
  • Apply business rules to incoming invoice emails
  • Automate invoice rejections
  • Improve productivity & efficiencies
By implementing an auditable, governed and standardised system, invoice processing times are greatly improved. No more untraceable invoice trails in the organisation.

Scalable & Versatile

Vendors are optionally able to initiate the invoice process via publically available forms. Business rules are applied and data captured and sent for processing. Automated notifications can sent to the vendor at each point determined by the information held within the organisation's ERP.

  • Standardisation
  • 100% Tailored For Business
  • ERP Integration
Core Modules

Email Enabled

Automatically converts emails and all their attachments to a single PDF.

File Formats

Multiple file formats can be converted for example JPG, GIF, DOC, DOCX and many more.


Track all incoming accounts payable and reduce the possibility of lost invoices or paying the same invoice twice.


Incoming emails can be processed and routed to different output areas whether via the TO address or SUBJECT keywords.


Seamless workflow integration with SAP, Oracle and other ERP systems.


Potential integration with ERPs.

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