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Asset & Property Management Keep Stock and Maintain What's Valuable
Whether it is a building, a laptop or a part, versaSRS ensures all assets are logged, service requests are captured and maintenance is scheduled automatically.
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From Purchase to Disposal

The Asset module in versaSRS provides organisations with the complete management cycle from purchase, to service, to disposal.

The module provides unique asset types tailored to the business. Any number of fields can be created and completed. Warranty, Lease, Financial information, documents and much more can be included where required.

Assets also have the added feature of automated notifications as their maintenance, servicing, end of life or other critical due date is reached. These notifications can be assigned as work requests within the organisation or simply serve as reminders.

Assets Streamlined

Whether it is IT hardware or software, buildings or parts versaSRS can manage a wide range of assets which can be linked to incoming service or incident requests.

For IT, the versaAssetsAgent service is used to scan hardware and software of the assets within the computer network that are discoverable. The versaAssetsAgent service will then return the results of the managed assets and populate that information into versaSRS.

For property maintenance versaSRS will handle the diversity and detailed nature of the tasks. The ablility to prioritise and track the actions at hand are critical to a controllable process.

  • Scan your network to manage IT assets
  • Import property assets
  • Create a Service Portal to receive requests and incidents
  • Automate scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Integrate with manufacturing systems to provide dashboard reports for project progress
  • Utilise RFID tags and versaSRS dashboards to link MRP data with the physical location of parts
  • Get the right asset to the right place faster
Business Case Study

Knowing what needs to be done and remembering when to do it doesn’t always line up. Consider the number of tasks performed over the course of a month or a year, or within a team of people and the challenges really start to increase. Periodic tasks are a typical example of the challenge to remember when they need doing and represent a prime opportunity for automation.

Westminster School in Adelaide recognised the need for automation of their scheduled maintenance and implemented a software solution to manage it.

The School has deployed versaSRS to create weekly scheduled job sheets for their Property Services Team.

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versaSRS can be deployed for property and maintenance management and much more across a wide range of organisations

Full Circle Asset Management


Import or create assets with configuration and other details.


Assets are linked to people and/or organisations.


Every work request or incident is recorded against the asset.


Track assets via barcodes, RFID or scan hardware across your network.


Easily create maintenance reminders for assets for key dates.


Run reports against assets to ascertain usage, incidents and location.


Integration with RFID tracking tags, readers, MRP and ERP solutions.


By knowing exactly where materials, tools, and equipment are, construction managers can operate more efficiently, improving productivity.


Progress reporting is improved with integrated RFID tag status with construction progress for complete visbility over the project.


Accurate real time data that allows businesses to operate more effciently and reduce labour costs. versaSRS takes the guesswork out.


RFID enables businesses to have increased reporting accuracy, thereby improving inventory management, item replenishment and ultimately productivity improvements.


Secure web-based software on premise or cloud. Reporting dashboards. Extended tailored alerts & notifications for streamlined workflows.

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