Supply & Procurement

Strengthening The Chain Of Command

Transforming Supply

versaSRS can manage a range of identified Supply processes.

It has enabled end-to-end management of vendor service requests.

The solution also supports the end-to-end tender process, contract renewals and reminders plus a full report suite of work requests relating to the service.

In addition, public and business-only web forms can be deployed to raise service requests such as Asset Disposals Approval Workflow and Urgent Freight requests.

Read the complete Supply Chain case study here.

Critical Success Factors


Our team of business analysts work closely with the customer to provide the best possible outcomes for each process.


Our team of developers work closely with the customer to ensure requirements are met.


Once deployed, our customer care team continue to work with the business to ensure there are no issues.

An Enterprise Framework


Electronic forms can be integrated into the solution to improve and automate service requests and business workflow.


Integrated one-click Templates for pre-defined requests and SLAs.


Exceed Service Level Agreements and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Productivity

Downtime and loss of production come at enormous cost to operations even for short periods of time. With the stakes so high, it is critical to keep business moving and all functions of the business must play a role.

The purchasing function faces its own set of challenges to minimise cost and provide goods on demand.

versaSRS provides an easy pathway for adoption in the purchasing function. Equally, the company’s own knowledge of the mining sector and requirements make Supply Chain implementations virtually effortless.


Visibility for all incoming requests from staff or suppliers.


The request automatically applies Vendor or Employee details and links important information for the team to reference.


Where SLAs are broken and/or about to be violated, the solution caters for up to 10 escalation points.

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