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HR Transformation

"The software is able to adapt to a lot of different processes. So, you’re able to set it up either based on operations or you can also set it up based on work. So, who is doing the work, why are they doing it, when are they doing it and how fast are they doing it. With that you can actually measure your productivity. So, in order to get to the future, you would definitely need to be able to project and you would need to be able to have that back up information. The versatility of has shown us that it will be able to lead us into the future successfully."

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Email Enabled

Turn emails into incidents, requests or cases and track all communications.

Built-In CRM

Comes with built-in Customer Relationship Management module.

Customer Portal

Providing access to Service Catalogue, Cases, Tasks, Approvals & more.

Workflow Engine

Sequential Managed Workflow for change requests, approvals & tasks.

Knowledge Base

Articles are easily accessed by staff and customers to solve common problems.

Extensive Reporting

Over 170 reports on cases, tasks, assets, contracts & CRM.

Incident, Problem & Change

Aligned to ITIL for incident, problem and change management.

Asset Management

Import or Scan your network to manage assets.

20* More Modules

Including Document Manager, Contracts, Chat & CMDB.

Critical Success Factors

The Consultation

versaSRS was initially deployed within a Shared Service Centre to manage employee enquiries and improve service levels. The customer had a charter of requirements with regards to enquiry classification, standardisation, prioritisation and workflow management. These could not be managed within their ERP.

The Implementation

Within a few years the solution was integrated with a telephony system, processed all new internal HR work requests, as well as their associated tasks. It provided VPs with a suite of reports previously unavailable to them. Staff workloads were streamlined via the application of SLA timeframes and case templates to improve delivery and productivity.

The Outcomes

Today, the solution delivers a standardised workspace to HR hubs around the globe. Employees now have service access 24x7, and the platform delivers clear business-defined HR processes to facilitate the administration of critical tasks for employees that fall outside core ERP capabilities.

A Vast Feature Framework


Electronic forms can be integrated into the solution to improve and automate service requests and business workflow.


Service Level Improvements Via One Click Templates to pre-define and set SLAs.


The solution provides security and SOX compliance. Configuration can be tailored to suit the business.

A few examples where HR workflows are streamlined with integrated web forms:

  • Enquiry Management
  • Stop Payment Request
  • Unqualified Payment
  • Periodic Reporting
  • Payroll Process
  • Payroll Escalation
  • Re-Open Closed Case
  • Payroll Error Register
  • Off-Cycle Payment Request
  • Contact HR Admin Hub

Filling The ERP Gaps

"Quick Link" Employee requests are used to create cases when they are initiated via a customer walk-in or telephone call. A template is used to pre-populate the content of the enquiry.

The Admin Hub can prioritise cases within the business for processes such as Payroll Escalation, creating a Letter of Offer or Employee On-boarding.

HR Central Admin can engage HR Admin Hubs via internally raised cases. The business have visibility across assets for extended reporting capabilities.

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